Gnarly Davidson Keef Mountain and Sons of Mourning at Mills Record Company

2017 is wasting no time letting the world know it’s going to be a year of extreme heaviness. About a week after the new year, Gnarly Davidson will celebrate the release of their 7″ on Replay Records by playing a show at Mills Record Company with Sons of Mourning¬†and Keef Mountain. The event will start at 6pm and will be all ages–the perfect way to bring in the new year. Both bands blast through their riffs with an abandon that is as rocking as it is otherworldly.

Sons of Mourning mix the droning heaviness of Sleep and Electric Wizard with the grind that Black Sabbath trademarked for a sound that is equally snarling and atmospheric. The trio flits seamlessly between angular breakdowns and half-ton riffage to make music that grabs its listeners by the throat and refuses to let go. Their songs twist and shift through their parts constantly surprising their listeners with odd combinations while keeping a heavy coherence. This ability to keep things fresh without radically changing their style every few bars gives the band a sound that is perfect for getting in the center of the pit or headbanging to in a dark corner. And if you haven’t seen Sons of Mourning take the stage yet, January 7th will be the perfect chance.

Keef Mountain is one of the first bands The Company has recorded and pressed that I’ve heard. With powerful riffs and wizard-laced lyrics, the Kansas City duo makes some of the heaviest music in the area. Their self-titled debut on The Company blew me away. And Keef Mountain backs their recorded riffage with a live set that is lush and complete. And loud. The band’s amps seem to be powered with otherworldly watts to create all enveloping sound. Do yourself a favor in 2017, see Keef Mountain open your skull with an open E.

Moving in a similar vein, Gnarly Davidson makes some beer-breath rock that is sludgy and southern. The Lawrence trio grinds through their riff feasts with an energy that shakes the fundament of any place their tunage pours through–whether that is from a tape deck, a PA, or (most recently) a turntable. Droning without losing the structured hooks of classic southern rock, Gnarly Davidson’s music will either summon Satan or revive that ’69 Charger that’s been sitting out back for years. Either way, the band will put on a great performance while doing it. Backing their beastly recordings with a live performance that exponentially increases the band’s aural energy, Gnarly Davidson convert even those who are most adverse to heavy music to worship the riff.

The show starts at 6pm and will rock til 8pm. Keef Mountain, Sons of Mourning, and Gnarly Davidson rock burn through their riffs to create rooms of sonic haze. If you’re a fan of guitar led metal, this concert will be the perfect way to bring in the new year.

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