Girls Rock

I’m not sure if I’ve ever read a concert name that was so succinct, so straightforward, and so accurate. Girls Rock will be taking place at Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club on June 25th. As its name implies, the concert will feature all female acts that will rock the stage. Featuring the talents of Erin Eades, Radial Red, Red Velvet Crush, Miry Wild, and The B Sharps, the Girls Rock show will have something for everyone–pop, blues, rock, jazz, americana, indie, and more.

Erin Eades commands attention when she takes the stage. Though her music features just an acoustic guitar and her voice, Eades is able to make them fill any space with lush melodies and compelling narratives. Erin Eades’ music is truly a hybrid; the artist takes liberally from Americana, indie, alternative, country, and much more to make collages that are as surprising as they are rooted in traditional American music.

The B Sharps takes the country threads of Erin Eades and inject a bit of soul into their folky melodies. The band revives the foot-stomping melodies of traditional pub-folk, calling their audience to clap and join their energetic progressions. Though, as mired as The B Sharps are in traditional structures, the band’s music does more than retread known territory. The balance between tradition and innovation gives the trio’s sound an edge that is compelling and arresting.

There is nothing in between about Radial Red. The band simply shreds rock n roll, rebuilds it, then shreds it again. Coming from the ashes of 80s rock, the female-fronted band doesn’t faff around when it comes to chugging through riffs and soaring vocal melodies. Equally arena rock and dive bar band, Radial Red’s music is made for the stage. Whether they skate down an original song or recreate another band’s, the Kansas City trio will rock you to the core.

Similarly, Red Velvet Crush makes unapologetic rock n roll. Taking direction from more radio-friendly late 90s and early aughts rock, the band does well to inject the form with a more contemporary sound. Red Velvet Crush’s vocal melodies stay stuck in your mind for days while their heavy riffs give their pop structures a brooding texture.

Moving in a completely different direction, Miry Wild makes slick, jazz influenced indie pop. Muted without losing the immediacy of louder acts, the Kansas City four-piece crafts exceptionally well-made pop. Vacillating between jangling riffs, saccharine vocals, and bass-thickened grooves, Miry Wild is single-handedly reinventing what indie pop means through their lyrical mastery and musical complexity. In both their sounds and words, Miry Wild stretches the continuum between lyric and narrative to create music that is limber and pure fun.

Whether you’re into the indie pop of Miry Wild, the rock of Radial Red, the pop of Red Velvet Crush, the Americana of Erin Eades, or the bluegrass of The B Sharps, Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club will rock with the cavalcade of girl fronted bands on June 25th.

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