Get to Know Your Local Scene

Cameron Joel Hawk of the Dead Girls

  Cameron Joel Hawk is the guitarist for the Lawrence power-pop four-piece the Dead Girls, the “old school punk rock” group Stiff Middle Fingers, and Many Moods of Dad. He also drums for Hidden Pictures. And up until this year, was regularly tackling music on his Record Geek Heaven blog. But despite being so thoroughly […]

Javan Brewer, aka Hataraqq

  Javan Brewer is Hataraqq, and Hataraqq is Javan Brewer. Javan Brewer doesn’t say much, only briefly elaborating on his electronic productions here. Hataraqq’s audio output is ripe with concise sound clips, only teasing what they might become if they were fully expanded compositions. Throughout his music there are Eddie Murphy, James Brown, and Blackalicious […]


Mike Tuley of Bloodbirds

Mike Tuley’s been around. Madd Scientists, Or Die Trying, Short Bus Kids, Hairy Belafonte, Ad Astra Per Aspera, Ad Astra Arkestra… he’s played in them all. And with Bloodbirds he’s added hyperdistorted psych-tinged post-punk garage rock to his musical resume, assuming guitar and vocal duties in the trio along with Brooke Tuley on drums and […]

Jackson May of Mandatory Metallica

  In the last week Mandatory Metallica has run a preview of Megadeth and Iron Maiden’s upcoming Sprint Center date, a primer for another half dozen upcoming metal shows, and a review of Fu Manchu’s recordBar performance. While the blog’s seen an irregular posting schedule so far in 2013, for a number of years it’s […]

Seth Morris, aka c-Logik

  With about a decade and a half of beat tinkering behind him, Seth Morris recently released a new mainline electro-funk track with “theHunt,” which is how I was introduced to his music. To say that he “dabbles” in music sounds dismissive of both his interest-level and creativity, but under his c-Logik moniker Seth dabbles, […]

A Q&A with Gee Watts

  “A certain sense of believable honesty combs through Gee’s lyrics,” writes The Smoking Section’s J. Tinsley, in his review of Gee Watts’ new Watts Up mixtape. “As does depth.” Gee Watts has two more things going for him that most rappers never achieve: he has patience, and he actually knows what he wants. A […]

Fally Afani Ruzik of I Heart Local Music

  If you’re at a show in Lawrence, chances are good that you’re in the company of someone repping I Heart Local Music. In the past week or so alone the music blog has covered shows featuring the Mutations, SW/MM/NG, and Brownbackistan, in addition to posting a pair of reviews to wrap up their SXSW […]

Richard & Chip of the Larryville Chronicles

If we’re talking Urban Dictionary, “Larryville” happens to be “the slang term used as a name for Lawrence, KS.” The Larryville Chronicles, however, is a Lawrence-focused blog taking on local art and music with a unique angle and casual voice well suited for the self-proclaimed “aging scenester” set. Or at least that’s what the site’s […]

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