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Photos and reviews of live events around Kansas City and Lawrence.


March To The Sea: Baroness Live in Lawrence, KS 12/2/15

With three (soon to be four) critically acclaimed albums, countless headlining and support slots on tours with everyone from Metallica and Mastodon to Clutch and Opeth, Baroness is easily one of the frontrunners for the face of American heavy metal in the 21st century. In the run-up to the release of their 4th album Purple, […]

black dahlia 2

A Shrine To Madness: The Black Dahlia Murder Live in Lawrence, KS 11/29/15

When the American heavy metal scene experienced a sort of renaissance in the early 2000′s, combining metalcore and groove metal, not too many quality groups managed to make names for themselves. However, one band decided to buck the trend of their peers and focus on melodic death metal popularized by groups like At The Gates, […]


Gifts for the Earth: Deafheaven Live in Lawrence, KS 10/25/15

Is Deafheaven black metal? Ever since Deafheaven gained notoriety with 2011′s “Roads To Judah” and enormous infamy with 2013′s “Sunbather”, they’ve been at the center of almost every major publication’s “best of” list for almost 5 straight years. The group released their third album, “New Bermuda,” this year and have proved they are anything but […]


Come Together As One: Ghost Live in Lawrence, KS 10/05/15

For about the past five years, no recent heavy metal band has had more crossover mainstream appeal and more dissent among fans than Sweden’s occult outfit Ghost. Formed in 2008, Ghost has experienced a massive boost in popularity partly due to the now-dead phase of occult rock/metal the genre went through (which they partly kickstarted) […]

theories live

Sentenced To Life: Black Breath live in Lawrence, KS 07/13/15

Southern Lord, the music label responsible for crushing doom and sludged-out drone metal, started signing a plethora of quality hardcore bands a few years ago. Seemingly out of the blue, but the results have been nothing but fantastic. Easily the best pickup of the label in this time has been Seattle’s Black Breath. With their […]

bummer spank cover

Bummer’s “Spank” set to tear your head in half

You can’t fake heavy. It’s more than just distorted guitars, harsh vocals and immense volume – it’s an indefinable quality that, to put it simply, you either have or you don’t. For Olathe’s Bummer on their new EP “Spank,” heavy is never in short supply. Opening track “Estocado” has all the heaviness of a Fu […]

Train From Kansas City: Ghost Mice @ The Buffalo Room 6/3/15

When I heard Ghost Mice were playing The Wesport Flea Market, I assumed there was some sort of mix up, and were probably playing The Westport Saloon or some other Westport dive more commonly associated with DIY acoustic shows. Shame on me; The Buffalo Room is an all ages venue attached to the eastern most […]

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War In Heaven: Septicflesh live in Kansas City 05/10/15

Greek atmospheric death metallers Septicflesh made a stop at the Riot Room in Kansas City last night, bringing with them some of the heaviest and fastest extreme music around today with them. Septicflesh capped a lineup consisting of Portuguese dark metal masters Moonspell, Swedish goth rockers Deathstars and locals Night Creation – each band tied […]

Solstafir Live 1

Masterpiece of Bitterness: Solstafir live in Kansas City, MO 05/04/15

We come from the land Of the ice and snow From the midnight sun Where the hot springs blow Solstafir frontman Aðalbjörn Tryggvason let the small (yet intimate) crowd at the Riot Room on a rainy Monday night know that Led Zeppelin wrote Immigrant Song after playing in Iceland in 1970. “Don’t go to Iceland,” […]

motm flyer

Five In A Row: Middle Of The Map Fest Review 04/25/15

For the fifth year in a row, Kansas City has proven itself to be a new hotbed of live music with the Middle of the Map Festival. Growing from a couple nights of shows at a few venues to a 4-day festival encompassing all of Westport, inside and out, with hundreds of bands, Middle of […]

Train From Kansas City: Record Store Day 2015 Photoset

A slew of local talent played the tent in the parking lot outside Mills Record Company last Saturday for Mill’s second annual block party bash for National Record Store Day. Here are some photographic highlights, enjoy-

blackdeath fest header

Blood War: KC Blackdeath Fest in Kansas City, MO 04/17 – 04/18

It’s rare enough to find a couple of people in the Bible Belt who share an interest in extreme music, but a festival full of them? That’s unheard of. This is Missouri – this is the Midwest. We’re all about country music and gospel hymns, right? The first annual KC Blackdeath Fest changed all that […]

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