Live Tonight

The xx Uptown Theater Kansas City

Live Tonight: The xx

BB’s Lawnside BBQ: Trampled Under Foot @ 7pm The Bottleneck: My Marionette, Dead Ties, Low Currents, The Lesser Bear @ 9pm Czar Bar: Blue Eyed Son, Eric Murphy @ 7:30pm Jerry’s Bait Shop: Joel McNulty @ 9pm The Granada: Baroness & Coliseum @ 8pm The Majestic: Herman Mehari Trio @ 6pm The Riot Room: Hot […]

Rock for Relief

Live Tonight: Rock for Relief

The Bottleneck: Taking Back Mondays @ 9pm Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club: Jon Theobald @ 7pm KC Live: Rock for Relief (feat. Beautiful Bodies, Six Percent, Antennas Up, Not a Planet, She’s a Keeper, Ghost Town Heart, Cover Me Badd) @ 6pm The Majestic: Mark Lowrey Trio @ 6pm The Phoenix: Hope House Fundraiser @ 6pm […]

Limp Bizkit Guns N Roses

Live Tonight: Guns N’ Roses & Limp Bizkit

BB’s Lawnside BBQ: Lee McBee and the Confessors @ 6pm The Blue Room: Neo Soul Lounge Lee Langston @ 6pm FOKL Center: Sneaky Creeps, Inflatable Best Friend, Yuckratz The Granada: Limp Bizkit, Ryan Campbell @ 7:30 The Jackpot: There is No Minimum, Til Willis, Bread & Butter @ 9pm Jerry’s Bait Shop: Killroy Presents @ […]

Black Crowes

Live Tonight: The Black Crowes

  Aftershock: Metal Hearts III @ 6pm BB’s Lawnside BBQ: Crosseyed Cat @ 9pm The Blue Room: Darcus Gates @ 8:30pm The Bottleneck: Star & Micey, Naomi What? @ 9pm The Brick: From the West, Devil’s Marmalade, Roll on Two Coda Bar & Grill: Cape Lios @ 9pm Czar Bar: Phil Neal & the Wornalls […]

Torche Czar Bar

Live Tonight: Torche

  BB’s Lawnside BBQ: John Paul’s Flying Circus @ 7:30pm The Bottleneck: Skytree @ 9pm The Brick: Malachy Papers, Cliff Hines Coda Bar & Grill: DJ Sum Love @ 8pm Czar Bar: Torche, Kenmode, Cherokee Rock Rifle @ 7: Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club: Chasing Fire @ 8pm The Jackpot: Anamanaguchi, Chrome Sparks, Stiff Middle Fingers […]

Live Tonight: Japandroids & Sea Wolf

  Aftershock: Otherwise, Breaking Even @ 7pm BB’s Lawnside BBQ: Shinetop Jr. @ 7pm The Bottleneck: Afrolicious, DJ vs. Drums @ 9pm Czar Bar: Gashcat, Ghostfoot @ 6:30pm Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club: Adam Lee @ 9pm The Granada: Japandroids & A Place to Bury Strangers @ 9pm Harling’s: The Funeral and the Twilight, Dusty Santamaria […]

Live Tonight: Abstract Rude

  Czar Bar: Clay Hughes, Shantel Leitner, Timothy Israel, Landon Leist @ 8pm The Jackpot: Idyl, Instant Karma @ 9pm The Majestic: Mark Lowrey Trio @ 6pm recordBar: Kurt Vee, Palace Neapolitan, Doby Watson @ 10pm The Riot Room: Abstract Rude, DJ Zole, Burnell Washburn, B. Squid, Johanna Phraze, Sephiroth Uptown Arts Bar: Jonny Green […]

Live Tonight: Lou Reed Tribute & the Conquerors

  BB’s Lawnside BBQ: Lee McBee & the Confessors @ 6pm The Bottleneck: Abandon Kansas @ 9pm Czar Bar: The Bad Ideas, The Uncouth, Red Kate @ 8pm The Granada: Safe For Consumption, Acadia, Avenue 17, Vaughn and the Billionaires, Goodbye 99, To the West Coast, Josey Milner, Clint Michaellson, Young Gemini, Influence, k-9 , […]

Live Tonight: Drive-By Truckers

  Aftershock: Battle for Red, White & Boom @ 8pm BB’s Lawnside BBQ: Mama Ray Jazz Meets Blues Jam @ 2pm BB’s Lawnside BBQ: Blue Orleans @ 9pm The Blue Room: The Jazz Disciples & Book of Gaia @ 8:30pm The Bottleneck: Sona, Tangent Arc, Justin Klaas @ 9pm The Brick: DJ Lawrence Burger Coda […]

Live Tonight: The Color Morale

  Aftershock: The Dreaming (feat. Stabbing Westward’s Christopher Hall), Razorwire Halo @ 7pm BB’s Lawnside BBQ: Millage Gilbert’s 75 Birthday @ 9pm The Blue Room: Wild Men of KC @ 8:30pm The Bottleneck: Dumptruck Butterlips, The Vine Brothers @ 9pm The Brick: Claire and the Crowded Stage, the Kuhls, Matt Shoare Coda Bar & Grill: […]

Casualties recordBar

Live Tonight: The Casualties & Antiseen

  BB’s Lawnside BBQ: John Paul’s Flying Circus @ 7:30pm The Bottleneck: Filligar, Monzie Leo & the Big Sky @ 9pm Coda Bar & Grill: Laura Lisbeth @ 7pm Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club: Antiseen, Hellstomper @ 9pm The Jackpot: Pretty, Something & the Whatevers, the Rackatees @ 9pm Jerry’s Bait Shop: Jason Kayne @ 9pm […]

Live Tonight: Soundgarden

  BB’s Lawnside BBQ: Shinetop Jr. @ 7pm The Bottleneck: Spongecake and the Fluff Ramblers, 40 Watt Dream @ 9pm CrossroadsKC: Yo La Tengo @ 8pm Czar Bar: Hip Hop Wars @ 8pm Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club: Alley Ghost @ 9pm The Granada: Trapt, 3 Pill Morning, Corvus, Years Past & Solus @ 7:15pm The […]

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