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5 Guilty Pleasures – Sean Malone

Many of us have those songs or artists that we feel totally embarrassed and strange for liking. You probably wouldn’t guess that a music blog editor like myself has this tendency as well (a conceited editor no less). Anyway I do, and here they are in all their glory:   5. Corinne Bailey Rae – […]

Tookah: Strange and Inviting

Tookah is the type of album that haunts. With roomy vocals and thick drum-driven instrumentation, Emiliana Torrini creates simultaneously strange and inviting soundscapes throughout the entirety of the album —ones that are constantly shifting yet recognizable as a stable whole. Perhaps, Torrini is able to ground her sonic experimentations by using (mostly) traditional instruments and […]


MRC Vlog (Episode 1): Favorite Albums of 2013

So a few of us here at MRC sat down and made a video blog recently. Yours truly, Jackson May and our fearless leader Judy Mills got together to discuss some of our favorite albums of the year. Don’t worry, we didn’t mention twerkin or Taylor Swift. (Shout out to Piper Plows Productions for all […]

Arcade Fire “Reflektor” Single

Pretty much all of the rumors and leaks were accurate. Arcade Fire’s viral marketing campaign worthy of a J.J. Abrams film has been slowly divulging info about their upcoming release for a couple months now. The dancey/electronic first single was revealed in full to the world last night and there are two videos currently floating […]

5 Guilty Pleasures – Brian Clifton

Let’s get down to it: I’m not always so hip with my music tastes. Sometimes, I just don’t want to think when I’m listening to music. We all do it (I hope). Anyway, here are some of my guilty music pleasures: 5) “Birthday Sex” -Jeremih: Listening to this while drunk rollerskating in Omaha was the […]

Cult Classics of the 90s: LP2 (The Pink Album)

Each week in September the MRC blog will publish a piece detailing an album from the 90s that we feel deserves your attention. One of our writers will review an infamous, undiscovered or underground album that never quite pierced the mainstream. The 90s were the era that birthed commercial alternative rock, so you may have heard of […]

Sworn To The Dark: Why You Should Know About Watain

Watain, the black metal band from Sweden, have just released their fifth album The Wild Hunt, and what a record it is. It’s a continuation of Watain’s take on black metal – that is to say it’s quite melodic and brooding in parts – but the group is never afraid to unleash the beast within […]

Relationship of Command Vinyl at Mills Record Company

Ever since At The Drive-In regrouped to play a few festivals in 2012, they have been on constant rotation in my ipod (again). The 14-15 year old in me has escaped, bringing with him the jittery, angular guitar riffs that carried me to and from high school. So when I saw an original release of […]

The Dodos Carry Us Into Fall

There’s something incantatory and hypnotic that weaves itself around The Dodos’ latest album, Carrier. Blending melodic vocals with Foals-esque guitar complexity, The Dodos carve out their own niche in the indie pop scene. The album begins with the glittery but unmistakably dreampop influenced “Transformer” that fades into the heavier, drum-driven “Subtsance.” This progression, one style […]

Okkervil River’s ‘The Silver Gymnasium’

Okkervil River’s new album, The Silver Gymnasium, began streaming on NPR’s first listen yesterday morning, a week before its release date. It’s their seventh album, the first of which deviates from their concept albums rooted in fictional narratives. The songs are set in Sheff’s hometown, Meriden, New Hampshire, and explore an 80’s childhood into adolescence. […]

New Arrivals for the Week of 8/20

Highlights of the week: *Zola Jesus – Versions: The electronic/industrial chanteuse reinterprets some of her songs with the help of a string quartet and J.G. Thirwell (of Foetus) on this latest release. Rather than asking ‘e tu brood-ist’, diehard fans of Zola Jesus will be surprised at how her haunting vocals and atmospheric arrangements translate […]

New Vinyl Arrivals for the Week of 7/30

This week’s arrivals list feature some interesting hip-hop/rap selections, but is relatively short. Look for a fuller slate of releases next week. Here’s what has been coming in and going out on the shelves:       *The Birthday Party – Live 1981-82: Australian culture in the 80s may have unleashed Crocodile Dundee, Men at […]

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