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2015 Record Store Day Releases: Jackson May’s Picks

With Record Store Day less than a week away, I figured I should skim over the list of releases we’re getting in the store and highlight a few of my favorites. I tend to lean towards the more heavy releases of Record Store Day this year, and these are a few albums that caught my […]

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Hail Iommi: Lord Dying’s Poisoned Altars Strikes Heavy

It can be easy to get caught up in creating a beautiful soundscape and layering sounds upon sounds to create the most beautiful possible atmosphere in music. That’s why it’s good that a band like Lord Dying comes around every so often with an album like Poisoned Altars to remind everyone that dirty, grinding, heavy […]

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Show Preview: Mayhem, Watain, Revenge at The Granada

There is no other genre of music with a beginning as chaotic, violent and infamous as black metal. Starting out as death metal injecting the speed of thrash metal and hardcore punk mixed with dark lyrics and evil imagery, it quickly grew in popularity under such bands in the 1980s as Celtic Frost, Venom and […]

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Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2014 [Jackson May's Picks]

2014 was another outstanding year for heavy metal! With the emerging sludge/black metal scene probably becoming the next big thing in 2015, we saw mainstream recognition of awesome bands like Pallbearer and Morbus Chron, the return of legends Eyehategod and Godflesh and Kansas’ own Origin may have had their best year as a band. Check […]

12 Days of Christmas: Alternative Edition

Enough with the tired hymnals and the re-re-re-re-recordings of every typical Christmas song under the sun. Some bands put their own spin on holiday music to create their own Christmas-themed classics. Which ones did we miss? Smashing Pumpkins – Christmastime The first word that comes to mind when referencing something to do with Billy Corgin […]

12 Days Of Christmas: Hip-Hop Edition

Merry Christmas, BUSTA. In the golden age of hip-hop, it was all about phat beats and good times, so of course there’s some killer holiday tunes out there. See which ones have made the cut! Run-D.M.C. – Christmas In Hollis This is THE essential Christmas hip-hop tune. Gaining huge popularity from being featured prominently in […]

12 Days Of Christmas: Punk Edition

There’s nothing an old-fashioned punk rocker likes to do than subvert the norm and stick it to The Man – so at the core of it, punk rock Christmas songs are just about the punkest things in existence! Here’s a few of the best punk carols to sing at church on Christmas Eve: The Vandals […]

‘Wild Onion’- Twin Peaks

  Monday on my blog while discussing “Big Dusty,” the noirish new single from Pro Era leader Joey Bada$$, I used the phrase “old soul” to describe how the 19-year-old sounds on wax. His rasp, combined with an affinity for sunny mid-90s boom bap, puts him out of sync with the current hip hop world. […]

“Wide Awake” ft. Cat Power- J Mascis

  On “Every Morning,” the first single from J Mascis’ new solo album Tied to a Star, the Dinosaur Jr. singer/guitarist was struggling to get through the day; “Every morning makes it hard on me,” he depressingly whined. To summon the strength to head out into world he had to softly beg “Oh baby won’t […]


“Life Is Peachy”- Shy Boys

Kansas City surf rockers/psych poppers Shy Boys ostensibly love two things over everything else: a blissful jangle and burying emotions. Their stellar self-titled debut from January of this year frequently blended the two into a melancholic, but masterful swirl. You could hear that lead singer Collin Rausch was aching in a track like “And I […]

The Get Up Kids’ ‘Guilt Show’ Turns 10 Years Old

The Get Up Kids were a pivotal, driving force in the midwest punk scene in the late 1990′s. Gaining success in 1997 with their first full-length, Four Minute Mile, the Get Up Kids paved a path full of hard-hitting hooks, thoughtful lyrics, and raucous vibes. The band’s sophomore release, Something to Write Home About, landed […]

‘Ultraviolence’- Lana Del Rey

  “He used to call me DN, that stood for Deadly Nightshade, cause I was filled with poison, but blessed with beauty and rage. Jim told me that. He hit me and it felt like a kiss. Jim brought me back, reminded me of when we were kids.” Those depressive lines exhaled by Lana Del […]

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