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Fally Afani Ruzik of I Heart Local Music

  If you’re at a show in Lawrence, chances are good that you’re in the company of someone repping I Heart Local Music. In the past week or so alone the music blog has covered shows featuring the Mutations, SW/MM/NG, and Brownbackistan, in addition to posting a pair of reviews to wrap up their SXSW […]

Mac Lethal Beautiful

The Morning News Post in Which We Lose Our Balance Spelling “Beautiful”

  What’s Going on Monday April 1, 2013: The Bottleneck: Taking Back Mondays @ 9pm (doors @ 8pm) Czar Bar: Can’t Stand the Midwest Tour @ 6pm (doors @ 4pm) Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club: Open Mic with Jon Theobald The Granada: Adestria, Alive In Standby, Dismember The Fallen, Histories, On The Shoulders of Giants & […]

The Evaporators – Gassy Jack and Other Tales

In ’90s when he was bombarding unsuspecting artists with his off-the-wall interview stylings (the man was a deep-googler before Google was even a thing), few if any might have placed Nardwuar the Human Serviette as some sort of niche hip hop icon as the new millennium’s first decade drew to a close. Yet that’s exactly […]

The Morning News Post in Which We Dip Our Peeps in PBR

  What’s Going on Saturday March 30, 2013: Aftershock: Drek @ 8pm BB’s Lawnside BBQ: Mama Ray @ 2pm BB’s Lawnside BBQ: Fast Johnny Ricker @ 9pm The Bottleneck: Backroad Anthem, Hellbound Glory, and Sky Smeed Band @ 9pm (doors @ 8pm) The Brick: In Back of a Black Car, Dolls on Fire, and The […]

Ty Segall Band – Slaughterhouse

When first cracking the seal on Slaughterhouse, the album’s more aggressive musical aspects have a way of overwhelming the listening process, initially defining the entire tone of the record as violent and fuzzy regardless of the individual subtleties exhibited by each song on the release. But with repeat listening sessions serving to soften the shrill […]

El-P – Cancer 4 Cure

“It’s like a fresh start on a new world,” chants El-P in the chorus of Cancer 4 Cure‘s “Works Every Time.” In some ways the entire album represents a fresh start for the Brooklyn-based MC and producer, though the same could be said of practically everything the tirelessly inventive Producto has signed his name to […]

Grisly Hand If You Say So

The Morning News Post in Which We Become Too Black for the Juggalos

What’s Going on Friday March 29, 2013: Aftershock: Metal Wars @ 8pm B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ: Levee Town @ 9pm The Bottleneck: Royce Diamond & Luiz Rip @ 10pm (doors at 9pm) The Brick: The Grisly Hand & Otis Heat Coda Bar & Grill: Rev Gusto & Claire & the Crowded Stage @ 9pm Czar Bar: […]

Quintron and Miss Pussycat – Swamp Tech

  The distance between physically experiencing live music and attempting to replicate that same energy force on a recording is as prominent with Quintron & Miss Pussycat as it very well might be with any other musicians on the planet. To soak up the rotating bliss of Quintron’s Drum Buddy invention, or dance in time […]

The Morning News Post in Which We Devour Chocolate Wurms

What’s going on Thursday March 28, 2013: B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ: John Paul’s Flying Circus @ 7:30pm The Bottleneck: Anuhea & Justin Young @ 8pm (doors @ 7pm) Coda Bar & Grill: The Silver Maggies & Amy Farrand @ 8pm Czar Bar: Lucy Rose & Eyelit @ 7pm Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club: The Great Vehicle & […]

The Morning News Post in Which We Cast Judgement on Whiskey

  What’s going on March 27, 2013: Angels Rock Bar: Jim Kilroy Presents: Club Wars Birthday Show feat. Collapse & 9 Volt Junkie B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ: Shinetop Jr. @ 7pm The Bottleneck: Signal Path, Electric Theory, and Brandon Draper @ 9pm (doors @ 8pm) Czar Bar: Uncountable Kings and Clever Noir @ 6pm Czar Bar: […]

Richard & Chip of the Larryville Chronicles

If we’re talking Urban Dictionary, “Larryville” happens to be “the slang term used as a name for Lawrence, KS.” The Larryville Chronicles, however, is a Lawrence-focused blog taking on local art and music with a unique angle and casual voice well suited for the self-proclaimed “aging scenester” set. Or at least that’s what the site’s […]

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