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Homage For Satan: Deicide Live at The Riot Room 10/12

It’s not often that a quality death metal tour comes through Kansas City. It’s rare for a tour featuring one of the vast genre’s pioneers and legendary bands as headliners. And even rarer is a packed Riot Room from the very first band to the end of the show. But that’s exactly what happened on […]

The Stench Of Redemption: Legendary Deicide On Their Way To KC

  Coming from a genre known for its controversies and its extreme viewpoints, there might not be a more notorious American death metal band than Deicide. Starting in 1987, Deicide rose to fame with the other death metal bands from Tampa Bay, such as Obituary, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and, of course, Death. Deicide, however, […]

Slaughtercult: Exhumed live at Riot Room 10/01

California’s Exhumed might just be the best death metal/grindcore band going strong today not named Carcass. And although Carcass just released their comeback album, Exhumed has filled the void left in their absence for almost 15 years. With a discography that only gets stronger and stronger with each release, the amount of energy and precision […]

5 Guilty Pleasures – Jackson May

To call something a guilty pleasure would be admitting that I feel guilty about some of the music I listen to. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. But, I’ll admit, there are some genres and bands that definitely get some confused looks when I tell someone about them. 5. Dragonforce A few years […]

Gore Metallers Exhumed Are Coming

California gore masters Exhumed may have just done the impossible. Legendary death metal group Carcass has one of the most copied formulas of extreme metal in the history of the scene. Yet in a year where they release their long-awaited comeback album, Exhumed – a “Carcass-worship” band, releases “Necrocracy” which is every bit as great […]

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Helleluyah: Vader live at Aftershock September 13th, 2013

There’s something about legendary death metal bands that bring out the beast in Kansas City concert goers. Polish legends Vader brought their heavily stacked Back To The Blind tour to the Aftershock in Merriam on a cool Friday night and received one of the craziest crowd responses that the Kansas City area has seen in […]

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Give Me Sanctuary: Iron Maiden Live at Sprint Center 09/07

  The legendary Iron Maiden returned to Kansas City after 13 long years to a crowd of around 12,000 on a sweltering Saturday night. The anticipation of the legendary British heavy metal band was too much for most of the fans in attendance, resulting in multiple impromptu sing-alongs while waiting in line for the doors […]

Sworn To The Dark: Why You Should Know About Watain

Watain, the black metal band from Sweden, have just released their fifth album The Wild Hunt, and what a record it is. It’s a continuation of Watain’s take on black metal – that is to say it’s quite melodic and brooding in parts – but the group is never afraid to unleash the beast within […]


Thrash Unreal: Havok @ The Riot Room – August 17th, 2013

Havok might just be the most consistent quality band to come out of the thrash metal revival scene that exploded a few years ago. They forgo the Paul Baloff of Exodus style vocals and rely more on harshness, but for every killer riff and thrash break, the band has just as much groove and melody […]

Live Tonight: Through August 23rd

We’re in the lull of live music until the explosion that always happens once September and October round the corner. There are some goodies to be had here, though – Wretched at the Riot ROom and Nekromantiker at FOKL for the moshers, Kopecky Family Band and Elephant Revival for the sing-alongs, and the biggest party […]

Live Tonight: Through August 18th

Hooray for live music! There’s a smorgasbord of different types of concerts to choose from coming up. Everything from tributes to The Cure and Pantera (because those two bands go together, right?), happy-go-lucky pop punk from Masked Intruder, the stoner-folk of Kurt Vile, much clown love with Twiztid, and a benefit show at the Midland […]

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