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Train From Kansas City: Mills Instore- Brooke Tuley+ Heidi Gluck

Last Friday (5/8/15) Mills Record Company hosted an intimate night with touring musician Heidi Lynne Gluck. After an impressive resume as an integral studio/ performance musician with the likes of Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, Some Girls, and The Only Children, Heidi rolled into Kansas City with two unique aspects to her discography: […]

Train From Kansas City: Record Store Day 2015 Photoset

A slew of local talent played the tent in the parking lot outside Mills Record Company last Saturday for Mill’s second annual block party bash for National Record Store Day. Here are some photographic highlights, enjoy-


Train From Kansas City: The Fog/ Scammers @ Record Bar 1/21/15

The first time I heard Ian Teeple play music was a couple years ago in some basement. His band Yuckratz was playing something I’m very familiar with- Mid 2000′s Emo/Post Hardcore (with a strong leaning towards the Post Hardcore end of that spectrum). Some of their songs would have a Cursive part (nice), then an […]