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Adult Film Stays To Omaha Roots

Tim Kasher’s latest album Adult Film begins with a tongue-in-cheek critique of American life via American literature (class). Stringing together English department buzzwords, Kasher’s enfilade in “American Lit” gestures toward the propensity for people to live passively. The message seems to be to engage with the world (albeit Kasher seems a little too self-aware to […]

Local Freak Folk: The Burdock King

Setting up for a sidewalk show, Justin Vacca of The Burdock King realized his acoustic guitar was missing a tuning peg, so he packed it up, strapped on his friend’s electric guitar, and played his set as planned. To anyone watching the show, it would have seemed that The Burdock King hadn’t a problem that […]

“Engravings” Is Both Tense And Evocative

I never would have guessed that something readily classified in the shoegaze genre would ever have enough subtle sexuality to warrant a slow-jam style groove. Yet, “An Hour” from Forest Sword’s debut album Engravings does just that. Beginning with a ringing xylophone-ish riff, the song builds into a groove that pretty much demands body movement […]

Cult Classics of the 90s: Heaven or Las Vegas

  Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas: 4AD (1990) The first time I heard the Cocteau Twins’ “Fotzepolitic” was somewhat of a curious event for me. A little tired and a little frazzled, I put on an internet playlist from 8tracks while studying. As soon as the waves of sound culminated and broke on the […]

Tookah: Strange and Inviting

Tookah is the type of album that haunts. With roomy vocals and thick drum-driven instrumentation, Emiliana Torrini creates simultaneously strange and inviting soundscapes throughout the entirety of the album —ones that are constantly shifting yet recognizable as a stable whole. Perhaps, Torrini is able to ground her sonic experimentations by using (mostly) traditional instruments and […]

5 Guilty Pleasures – Brian Clifton

Let’s get down to it: I’m not always so hip with my music tastes. Sometimes, I just don’t want to think when I’m listening to music. We all do it (I hope). Anyway, here are some of my guilty music pleasures: 5) “Birthday Sex” -Jeremih: Listening to this while drunk rollerskating in Omaha was the […]

Relationship of Command Vinyl at Mills Record Company

Ever since At The Drive-In regrouped to play a few festivals in 2012, they have been on constant rotation in my ipod (again). The 14-15 year old in me has escaped, bringing with him the jittery, angular guitar riffs that carried me to and from high school. So when I saw an original release of […]

The Dodos Carry Us Into Fall

There’s something incantatory and hypnotic that weaves itself around The Dodos’ latest album, Carrier. Blending melodic vocals with Foals-esque guitar complexity, The Dodos carve out their own niche in the indie pop scene. The album begins with the glittery but unmistakably dreampop influenced “Transformer” that fades into the heavier, drum-driven “Subtsance.” This progression, one style […]

In on a Motorcycle/Out on a Motorcycle: the Mountain Goats’ All Hail West Texas Reissue

  If every song by the Mountain Goats quoted Biggie Smalls, we might have peace in the Middle East. “The Fall of the Star Running Back” does just that, weaving lyrics from “Big Poppa” with the story of a running back, who ends up selling LSD to a police officer and doing time. The All […]

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