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Dawn Golden’s Still Life Is Anything But Still

Take one part Bon Iver’s croons and intuitive sense of melody, one part Schneider TM’s dusty electronica, and one part John Berryman’s self-awareness; throw them into a mixer; what’s the result? Dawn Golden’s latest album, Still Life. The ten-track album is an amalgamation of hazy vocals, organ drones, clicky drums, and reverbed bells. In short, […]

Cowboy Indian Bear’s Latest Video Enchants

The video for Cowboy Indian Bear’s latest single “Ruffians” does well to riff on the excited imagination of the youth and the anxiety it can cause. It draws its image system from Meshes of The Afternoon (flowers, cloaked figure with a mirror face, the threat of a sinister ending, etc.). It does so in a […]

New Release Tuesday!

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Days of Abandon (don’t forget their in-store on Thursday) The Black Keys – Turn Blue (CD included) Royal Blood – Out of the Black EP The Whigs – Modern Creation (Ltd Edition) La Sera – Hour of the Dawn (Ltd Color Vinyl) Murphy’s Law – The Party’s […]

Swans Enter A Kinder Territory

Swans’ latest album, To Be Kind, layers texture after texture to create an experience that is as entrancing as it is skilled. There is a subtle intricacy under the album’s droning that goads its listener into a hide-and-go-seek game of meody, giving a hint of flavor only to disappear into the washes of chords and rides. […]

Kishi Bashi Lighghts Up

Kishi Bashi’s Lighght is the perfect summer album. Each song bubbles with looped violins and catchy vocal melodies. At its most energetic, it has the same shimmer as a soda can covered in sweat bees—meaning it hums and pops. That said, Lighght is anything but a solely sugar-based pop album. Its strings sigh with a melancholy that perfectly juxtaposes its […]

Tobacco Buzz

Tobacco’s latest album Ultima II Massage seems to borrow equally from its creator’s other projects: Black Moth Super Rainbow and Demon Queen. That said, the album gives us the noisy, over-effected hook-after-hook songs we expect from Tobacco while allowing him to experiment with new soundscapes and concepts otherwise absent in previous albums. Tobacco’s grittier edge […]

S. Carey Is Scary (Good)

  For an album composed of such minimal parts (a sparkle of guitar, a distant kick drum, fragmented lyrics), S. Carey’s Range of Light holds the same expansiveness of a mountain range seen from an airplane. And perhaps it’s this counterbalance between large and small scopes that makes the album surprisingly dense while allowing the space for the […]

Warpaint’s Shifting and Brooding Self-Titled 2nd LP

Warpaint’s previous LP and EP sucked everything under their brooding musical current, and the band’s latest self-titled album does the same. Warpaint remains steeped in the band’s distinctive shimmering guitar riffs and atmospheric low-end. That said, the album seems to push these staple pieces further than previous endeavors, giving the album a fuller, more mature […]


Tennis Live at the RecordBar

Powerful is not necessarily the word I would use to describe listening to a Tennis album—clean for sure, sugary perhaps, but definitely not powerful. However, the duo turned quartet has such a stage presence that no other word could encompass their live performance. Guitarist, Patrick Riley, rhythmically bobs from the darkened areas of the stage […]

Tennis Hits Match-Point With Small Sound

            With each album, Tennis stretches their clean pop sound a little further. Their latest EP, Small Sound, is no exception. Relying on their characteristically simple yet elegant melodies, the Colorado duo pack each of the five songs with hook after hook. The EP begins with the song “Mean Streets,” which at its onset has […]

“Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls” Does Not Fall Short

There’s a looseness to Whistle Peak’s Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls that yokes together the best aspects of indie pop, dreampop, and folk. Vocally, the record sounds like a grittier Neil Young with a hint of Modest Mouse’s melodic intuition. Each song has a hook that would make the fellas in Dr. Dog blush. Surprisingly, […]

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