No Aceptan Imitaciones: Brujeria live in Kansas City 10/09/16


Unfortunately, it seems like heavy metal and extreme metal have always had barebones representation when it comes to south of the border. Sure, Brazil was put on the map by Sepultura and made way for legions of underground metal bands in South America, but what about Mexico? Enter Brujeria in 1989. With an unflinching attitude towards the negative aspects of Mexican border towns – drug smuggling, assassinations, etc. – coupled with blatant lyrics and imagery obsessed with worshipping the devil and killing white people, Brujeria quickly caught the eye of Dead Kennedy’s frontman Jello Biafra and his legendary record label Alternative Tentacles – and the rest is history. With the September release of Pocho Aztlan, the groups first album in 16 years, Brujeria is looking to put Mexico back on the extreme metal map and they aren’t worried about being accomodating to gringos.

With the lights off and a tape of Jello Biafra as 80s governor Pete Wilson being murdered by Brujeria playing over the PA, Brujeria – clad in face-obscuring bandanas – launched into their brutal brand of deathgrind with Raza Odiada (Pito Wilson) and rarely let up on the music for their entire 70-minute set. Most of the songs came from their second album Raza Odiada which added a good amount of groove to their straight-up grindcore debut to make them more along the lines of their contemporaries in Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror at the time. La Migra (Cruza la Frontera II) showcased the group’s penchant for hardcore punk with a nice d-beat drum line courtesy of drummer Hongo Jr. (who bares a striking physical similarity to one of extreme metals most well-known drummers) and tracks like Misas Negras (Sacrificio III) and Hechando Chingasos (Grenudo Locos II) were anchored by the heavy bass playing of Hongo (who bares a striking physical similarity to a bass player in a legendary band that will be at the Riot Room next month) and added a great deal of groove to the otherwise chaotic deathgrind noise assault.

In between songs, vocalist Juan Brujo never addressed the crowd in anything other than Spanish. The second vocalist, El Sangron, would sometimes use English, but mostly stayed with Spanish and it just drove home the authenticity of Brujeria. The anti-Trump masterpiece Viva Presidente Trump! and Angel de la Frontera from their newest album actually had people singing along – in Spanish no less – to really drive home just how much some fans were waiting on a new Brujeria release. The biggest crowd reactions came from the murderous anthem Anti-Castro and the pro-Marijuana sing-along Consejos Narcos that proved even gueros can chant along with Brujeria. Ending their set with possibly the greatest song ever about killing white people Matando Gueros, Juan Brujo closed the stage with a re-working of the infamously bad Macarena (yes – that Macarena) to make it about, what else, marijuana – a tongue-in-cheek ending to a night all about worshipping the devil, doing insurmountable amounts of drugs and wanting to behead Donald Trump.


Direct support came from one of extreme metal’s most impressive bands, Cattle Decapitation. Cattle is no stranger to live performances – they’ve toured with everyone under the sun, it seems like – but they seem to only get better and heavier every time they take the stage. Marrying progressive elements with absolute brutal death metal, goregrind and grindcore, Cattle Decapitation provided the most violent mosh pits of the night to go along with their equally violent music. Performing only tracks off their last two (magnificent) albums, tracks like Forced Gender Reassignment and Manufactured Extinct highlighted the groups ability to switch between time-signature hopping fast grindcore and painfully slow brutal death metal breakdowns and how effortlessly they blend them together to create some of the most unique extreme metal around today. Honestly, one of the country’s greatest metal bands.

Opening the show were two acts that probably couldn’t be further away from each other in terms of music. Local openers Troglodyte brought their familiar brand of brutal death metal and grindcore with the amazing showman Jeffrey Sisson on vocals to go out into the depth of the crowd to perform his guttural grunts – it seems that as they’ve gone on as a band, they’ve added more elements of melody and groove to their music, but just enough to accentuate the death metal and breakdowns to create some of the catchiest headbanging you’ll find in Kansas City. Easily just as good as the touring bands – they also performed with two bassists! The opening touring band was Piñata Protest from San Antonio, the sole non-metal band of the night. They combined old-school punk rock with mariachi accodrion and trumpet and created a party atmosphere better than any DJ could ever do. Complete with teaching the crowd some (delightfully obscene) Spanish, the band was more than just a warm-up, they were ambassadors of a combination of music and culture that was one of the highlights of the night.

Brujeria set:

  1. Raza odiada (Pito Wilson)
  2. Colas de rata
  3. La migra (Cruza la frontera II)
  4. Misas negras (Sacrificio III)
  5. Hechando chingasos (Greñudo locos II)
  6. El desmadre
  7. ¡Viva Presidente Trump!
  8. Seis seis seis
  9. Ángel de la frontera
  10. Marcha de odio
  11. Almas de venta
  12. Sida de la mente
  13. Satongo
  14. Castigo del brujo
  15. Brujerizmo
  16. No aceptan imitaciones
  17. Anti-Castro
  18. Revolución
  19. Division del norte
  20. Consejos narcos
  21. La ley de plomo
  22. Matando güeros
  23. Marijuana

Cattle Decapitation set:

  1. Manufactured Extinct
  2. The Prophets of Loss
  3. Your Disposal
  4. Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)
  5. Circo Inhumanitas
  6. Not Suitable for Life
  7. Forced Gender Reassignment
  8. Pacific Grim
  9. Kingdom of Tyrants


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